How often do you ask for help ?

This is about Gibbs’s Rule # 28: "When you need help, ask."

If you don’t know Gibbs you probably never watched the TV show “Navy CIS” ? This rule caught my attention when watching episode “Blood Brothers” recently.

How often do I ask for help when I need it ? Probably too seldom. Isn’t asking for help a sign of weakness ? Of course, not. Helping each other is what makes teams strong. But sometimes you hesitate to ask for help about something others would except you not to need any help for, right ? 

Saying “sorry” is a sign of weakness, according to Gibbs’s rules ( rule # 6 ). Is it ?


The Servant Leader

Yesterday I consumed one of the 1-hour-replays of a project management education session I have to go through in order to gain my PMI re-certification in 2016 ( 60 hours of education are required to get re-certified ).
It was about the concept of the "Servant Leader" and I found that concept quiet astonishing. Many think of a leader as the one who has people working for him in order to accomplish a mission. According to the nice quote by Dwight Eisenhower:

"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."

The concept of the "Servant Leader" actually changes the point of view: leadership as a service, so to speak. The leader servers the team to accomplish something. She enables and empowers the team to get the job done. He identifies barriers and moves those away. He coaches and educates and ensures things are moving into the right direction.
Brilliant concept, in my opinion. My current team lead is actually doing a quiet good job with this.
How about you ? Have you ever met a Servant Leader ?