The Force Awakens

Spoiler Alert: don’t read further if you haven’t watched that movie (Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens) yet and don’t want to know anything about its content yet.

Yesterday I have been in a movie cinema after a long while, probably some years, to watch the new Star Wars movie.

"" by Jeff Krause.

Nicely done and entertaining, but when I left the theatre I realized I have seen this movie before in 1977. The story is absolutely the same: a person doing some meaningless job on a desert planet to simply survive is discovered to become a powerful hero to fight evil forces. Those evil forces have built a mighty weapon capable to take out an entire solar system ( not just a single planet as in episode 4 ) and the rebels need to come up with a keen plan and maneuver to get into its heart and take it out. And there is this father-sun conflict which ends in a fight one has to loose: father on one side, sun on the other side; this time the other way around. And of course: light sabre fights.

As I have read Disney has bought the original story from George Lukas and apparently changed it to make what they call a retro movie.

People like change ? Not always. Apparently they have been quiet successful to produce a movie meeting expectations, not by coming up with something new.


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