Paris Day 7, Saturday 7/20/2013

For our last day in Paris we purchased another 10-rides-metro-ticket and took a train to  Montparnasse. The catacombs we skipped facing a huge line of tourists waiting in front of the entry. We walked

Friedhof Montparnasse
"Friedhof Montparnasse"

to a Cafe located at Montparnasse cemetery, where we met a French person speaking German very well who explained to us a lot about the historic events in this quarter of Paris.  Afterwards we visited the cemetry, where one can get a map at the entry showing the graves of all the famous people resting here. After a while we found the one of  Jean-Paul Satre and Simone de Beauvoir, and we also visited Samuel Beckett’s last stop.

Blick von Turm zu Turm
"Blick von Turm zu Turm"


After leaving the cemetry we ended up in a street market and following the row of boothes we directly got to  Tour Montparnasse.  € 13.50 was the entry fee for an elevator getting us up to level 56, 200 meters away from the ground. A few more stair cases led to a terrace from where we had an ingredible view to the city of Paris. That view here had two major advantages over the one you get from Tour d’Eifel: no multi-hour wait, and: Tour d’Eifel is included in that view.

Das Tor des Triumphs
"Das Tor des Triumphs"

A short while later we strolled along  Boulevard du Montparnasse to Place Pablo Picasso, took a left there und reached a  Cafe at Jardin du Luxembourg two blocks later, where we had some sandwich and salad for lunch. In another Cafe we tried those Éclair, which always look delicious when you see them in a glass cabinet, but which are quiet sweet and sticky when you eat them, especially when not cooled sufficiently, which luckily wasn’t the case here.

Traffic in Paris
"Traffic in Paris"

Now we took the metro again to reach Arc d’Triumph and thru a passage underground we got directly below the impressive building where the grave of an unknown soldier is located with a flame burning forever to make all of us think about the many who have fallen during rescent wars. We took a seat on some warm stone, meanwhile conveniently located in the shadow of Arc d’Triumph and watched all the traffic circling that famous building in this large roundabout where 12 roads run into each other. One of those is

Eine Handtasche für € 15.000 gefällig ?
"Eine Handtasche für € 15.000 gefällig ?"

Champs Elysées, which we explored a little later, following the shadow-side of this world famous shopping mile to the part where shops are replaced by trees and parks. We did not buy any of those handbags for € 15.000, nor a  Rolex or a Renault. Just peeking thru the display windows and receiving some arabic parfum sample from an avid sales person was sufficient for us.

We needed another rest on a shadily park bench before we boarded a metro train again taking us to  Centre Pompidou.

Fontaine Stravinsky
"Fontaine Stravinsky"

In a Bar with surpringly many good looking and kissing young men we had some beer to clean our throats from the dusty air, before we visited the bizarre and colorful fountains at Centre Pompidou and of course the Centre  itself. Here again, as almost everywhere in Paris: many people, bustling activities and hundreds of bars and restaurants. We roamed to  Les Halles, where a large construction project has started, then to the next metro station to get back into “our” quarter with “our” hotel.

Le Centre Pompidou
"Le Centre Pompidou"

In the evening with beginning nightfall we made another walk to the famous  Moulin Rouge surrounded by a cheap red-light district and found a nice bar a little later and further away where we had our last beer here in Paris.

Next morning after breakfast we walked to Gare de l’Est just ten minutes away from our hotel and arrived there early enough to catch our TGV train to Stuttgart which had changed its schedule to depart 10:50 am instead of 11:17 am which was the plan I had seen when booking that train. Well, that train was surprisingly empty that day.

Moulin Rouge
"Moulin Rouge"

From Stuttgart we took an Intercity train to Mainz departing at 03:16 pm and arriving in Mainz one and a half hour later.

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