Paris Day 6, Freitag 7/19/2013

We took the metro to the  Louvre, from there we crossed the river  Seine and approached Musee d’Orsay. Tickets we had purchased two days before in the tourism office in Rue Pyramides.  The museum is located in a former railway station used by the Paris-Orleans company.

Pont des Artes
"Pont des Artes"

Arriving there we got us an audio guide which delivered interessting information about the different exhibits which usually just come with some labels written in French language.  Besides a model of the Statue Of Liberty and an interesting cross section through the  Opera Garnier and the festive halls of the former hotel here in this railway station we focused  mainly on the paintings by Monet, Renoir and van Gogh and paintings by other impressionists.


Das Musuem, das ein Bahnhof war
"Das Musuem, das ein Bahnhof war"

Van Gogh has created 40 self-portraits which allow to study his psychological health over time, as the artist said, zwo of those we could see here in Musee d’Orsay.

In the very efficiently organized cafe of the museum we took a short lunch break before we climbed up to the fifth level and enjoyed an incredible view from a terrace there  to Louvre, Sacré-Coeur und Place de La Concorde.  In the afternoon we left the museum and returned to the hot streets of Paris. 

Musée d'Orsay Bird Eyes View
"Musée d’Orsay Bird Eyes View"

At Pont Alexandre III, a present from the Russians, which crosses the river Seine in one arc without any additional pillars in the middle and which carries a lot of angle statues in bronze and  candelabras and which is guarded by four golden statues on long pillars we sat down in some canvas chairs at the river and sipped some ice tea. Then we continued our walk passing by Petit Palais to Place de la Concorde, one of the larges squares in the world. In times of the French Revolution the guillotine had been errected here, nowadays an Egypt Obelisk, the present of an Egypt viceroy to Paris. After crossing this mighty square the heat was getting too much for us.

Place de la Concorde
"Place de la Concorde"

We continued our walk to Opera Garnier and then took the metro to station Cadet and found a cool place to rest in our hotel room.

In the evening we climbed Montmatre once more and had a nice dinner in the restaurant named “Mouline de la Galette”, where we enjoyed a 5-cousre-menu with two half bottles of wine: an elegant and fruity flavored totmato cold soup, white asparagus with caviar and small cubes of salmon, a greeting from the kitchen in form of a creamy tasting  liver pâté, followed by the two main courses gilthead seabream and lamb chop, finally a fruit cold soup and a small chokolade cake.

Artist vor Sacre Coeur
"Artist vor Sacre Coeur"

An espresso and a hard liquor concluded our meal before we got the opulent check, which was missing one bottle of wine and the two expressos.

It got late again until we got back to our hotel this day.

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