Paris Day 3, Tuesday 7/16/2013

Eifelturm an der Seine
"Eiffelturm an der Seine"

Today we visited Tour d’Eifel and took the metro to École Militaire, where in former times Napoleon was trained and finally got a certificiate saying:  “… will get somehwhere under favorable circumstances …”. Looks like the circumstances had been favorable.

We crossed “Champs de Mars” where in these days military training took place, and approached Tour d’Eifel. Tourist concentration raised quickly and we saw those long waiting lines in front of 3 of the pillars where you have to stay for 4 hours to get on the tower by elevator; the one for the stair cases to the first platform was much shorter. The 4th pillar was closed. If one really wants to get up there it is recommended to buy tickets thru the internet. Which we didn’t and thus quickly came to the conclusion to skip this.

Water go !
"Water go !"

We walked further to the bank of the river Seine, then crossing the bridge to Trocadéro and Palais de Chaillot with a huge fountain located bewteen the palais and the Tour d’Eifel with changing water games. Every full hour the giant water cannons become active and fire water towards the tower.

On the square in front of Palais de Chaillot we boarded a bus from “Les Cars Rouge” company, allowing to travel thru entire Paris within two hours and learn a bit about all the famous places thru what a narrator tells you via head phones, while sitting relaxed on the upper deck enjoying the fact not having to walk.

Dom d'Invalides
"Dom d’Invalides"

Fee: € 27 for one day, including as many drop off and on’s as you wish. So we learned that the Tour d’Efiel weights 70.000 tons and that every 7 years 50 tons of paint is needed to preserve the tower from rusting away.

We passed by Dom d’Invalides and Place de la Concorde and reached Quartier Latin, where we dropped off first time for lunch. This time we ended up in a Greek restaurant and got us a little menu with appetizers and moussaka, accompanied by rosé wine from Kreta and much water of course ( did I already mention how hot it has been in this city these days ?)

Seine and Ile de la Cité
"Seine and Ile de la Cité"

Afterwards we walked to a  wooden bridge, crossing river Seine connecting Louvre with Institute Francais, recommended by an American couple sitting next to us in this Greek restaurant. From there we went back to the “Les Cars Rouge” station at Notre Dame and continued our sightseeing tour via  Place de la Concorde to Opera Garnier, where we dropped off a second time and took a walk to our hotel for a afternoon rest, thus skipping the hottest part of the day outside.

Paris Nights
"Paris Nights"

On our way back later on to the  Opera we bought more water, some Merlot and sandwiches and finally did the third part of our sightseeing tour, again via  Place de la Concorde, continuing to Champs-Elyséss and Arc d’Triumph, Passing by Dom d’Invalides once more and back to Trocadero and Tour d’Eifel.

After a short walk we found a bench in the park close to that huge fountain I mentioned before where we had an incredible view to the famous tower and where we settled down for diner while sun was setting and night approaching. Tour d’Eifel looked great in the light of the golden sun and later on illuminated when it was dark.   “A bit kitschy”, as my wife commented. Later in the evening we walked back to the metro station crossing Mars Field again. It was midnight until we reached our hotel. Luckily even that late metro trains run quiet often and there is only a few minutes wait maximum.

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