Paris Day 1, Sunday 7/14/2013

I think I should blog about my trips more often, don’t you think … ?

Let’s get started with a series of posting about my summer trip to Paris this year, which actually has been my present for my wife when she reached the 50 ( I hope she won’t kill me should she ever find out that I mentioned this here ).

I actually blogged about this trip in my private German blog already, now all I have to do it just translating everything to English.

Let’s get started with day 1 in Paris …

At 16:35 our TGV arrived at Gare de l’Est. A taxi took us to our hotel


    Hotel l’Ocean in the Rue Mayran, a quiet street near Square de  Montholon. There we got a very quiet and cool room, quiet important in these days as it was real hot in Paris. Right away we started to a first expedition to the Opera. Before that we stooped at a Bistro near by the hotel in Rue La Fayette and enjoyed our private Welcome Cocktail. I tried  “Madagaskar” , kind of a “Radler” as we know it in Germany: bear, lemonade and  grenadine – quiet sweet !

Welcome Drink on Rue Lafayette
"Welcome Drink on Rue Lafayette"

Then we walked to the Opéra Garnier, the largest opera house in the world, currently under renovation and barricaded like  Fort Knox, may be because of the current French national holiday or because of all the renovation work or because of a summer break. We orbited the impressive building and enjoyed a bit the music deliverd by many artists on the street. Then we continued our expedition via  Place Vendôme, hosting a 43 meter pillar erejcted to honour Napoleon and made from melted cannons, as we learned from our Iwanowski travel book.

Opera Garnier
"Opera Garnier"

Continuing our walk past nobel hotels and jeweler we arrived at  Jardin des Tulieries, where some festival was taking place and a 60 meter high observation wheel provided us the opportunity to get some first bird-eyes view from Paris. The light was magnificent as it was late afternoon and the sun ready to set in a few hours. We had a direct view to the Louvre with its distinctive entry pyramide, behind this we saw the towers of Notre Dame; our eyes follows the impressive city line, wandering to the colorful Centre Pompidou, to Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triumphe and Tour d’Eifel, all situated in an ocean of equally high and old houses with wrought-iron grids in front of the windows. 

Fun @ Jardin de Tuileries
"Fun @ Jardin de Tuileries"

Paris made it to a great extend to preserve its historic look and feel, at least in its center.

We continued our walk a bit through the dusty Jardin des Tuileries between Louvre and Place de la Concorde, before we approached  Rue du Faubourg Montmatre on our search for a few restaurants recommended in our travel book. The waiting queue in front of the first was a bit too long, the second one didn’t look that good and the third one was closed. Finally we got into a nice fish restaurant and enjoyed some good service and food there: a 2 course meal with some lobster and avocado creme and some delicious fish filet pour mois, some fish soup and an  “Ocean Plater” for my wife Alex, accompanied by half a bottle Bordeaux. It got quiet late when we returned to the hotel and I remember we slept very well and deep in this cool and quiet room. 

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