Descent 1–Turncoat

“Turncoat” is one of those Descent 1 Levels Of The World requiring again some Out-Of-The-Box thinking to get a particular problem solved. It is surprising that this game still once in a while let me face a new real challenge, even I have played hundreds of levels meanwhile during recent years. Amazing of course that I still like to play that game after such a long period of time anyway.

In “Turncoat” the area where to get the yellow key card is real tricky: there is an outer door which only opens from the inside and an inner door which can be opened from the outside. A little Class 2 Supervisor Robot is patrolling inside. First I thought taking him out would trigger the door opener. Wrong. In contradiction this little guy is needed to get in and the trick is to attract him to come out ( buy getting close to the fence and raising his interest to see you ). Once he has opened the outer door he can be taken out and the path to the yellow key card is clear.

I produced a little video to show this solution. I used Fraps to record it and Windows Live Movie Maker to edit it, add some captions and publish it right away to youtube.

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