Cossacks – The Art of War: Mission 5 of the 2. campaign

Mission 5 of the 2. campaign of "Cossacks-The Art of War" (fighting against an alliance of Russia, Austria and France) again is not that difficult, compared to Mission 1 and Mission 2. Almost easy and relaxing, and no time pressure ! Nevertheless, again patience and stamina is needed to successfully defend the three opponents.

Keeping that bridge under control is key to success.

At the beginning it is simply smart to avoid the French patrol and pay 4000 gold for crossing the bridge. This makes it easy to reach the settlement in the Southeast. There we have plenty of time to develop our infrastructure and army. We get a warning that the enemy has discovered where we are and will attack soon, but this doesn’t really happen to occur.

If we have built sufficient units it is time to head to the bridge in the North we crossed before and get it under control. Building a few towers there makes it easy to keep the French and Austrians where they are until we are strong enough to deal with them.

The Russians are on our side of the river in the West and we deal with them first. Taking them out gives us extra mines for gaining even more resources so that we can afford hiring lots of units quickly thru the embassy.

Defeating the French and Austrians in the North is simply a matter of time and victory is ours after we have achieved this.


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