Cossacks – The Art of War: Mission 4 of the 2. campaign

Mission 4 of the 2. campaign of "Cossacks-The Art of War" (defending Berlin) is not that difficult as well, compared to Mission 1 and Mission 2. Nevertheless, again patience and stamina is needed to successfully defend Berlin.

Tearing down own walls allows your cannons to fire at the enemy from a safe location.

Luckily we have a lot of gold and this is really needed since we have to react quickly as the Russians are attacking. It is important to intercept their infantrymen early to avoid they tear down the walls with their grenades. Hiring a lot of cavalrymen has been my tactic so far.

Another good idea is to tear down own walls at places ( hills ) where the enemy can not get. This allows your gunmen and cannons to efficiently participate in the defense of Berlin.

And: let your people repair the towers to keep those operational as long as possible.

After many attack waves finally reinforcements arrive and once they made it into the city before the Russians the victory is yours.


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