Two weeks of hiking in the Dolomites

I am back from a 2-week-vacation in the Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy, and after handling all my e-mails ( less than 300, not bad ) today I find some time to blog about this:

Die Tofana und die Tunnel des Lagazuoi
"Die Tofana und die Tunnel des Lagazuoi"

We (my wife and me) stayed in Colfosco,  located in South Tyrol between the Sella and Puez mountains, in a small family owned hotel, with very friendly people, very clean rooms and very good food.

In the first week we did five hikes with a group of people and two mountain guides, one of them Hans Kammerlander, famous for climbing almost all 8000m peaks, now finishing his Seven Second Summits project and also for his ski descents of Nanga Parbat and Mount Everest. The second guide was an interesting character a well: besides being a good mountain guide he also was a great cittern player and singer. And believe it or not: he always carried his cittern with him on top of all the mountains we climbed.

Among the hikes during week 1 was the highest mountain I climbed so far: the Tofane di Rozes ( 3225 m ). Supposed to be a technically easy but of course strenuous hike it turned out to be more difficult due to some snow and ice we encountered starting at an altitude of about 2.800 m. Nevertheless, we made it to the summit and safely back down.

After week 1 the group was leaving and my wife and I stayed there for an additional week and some more hikes we did on our own, including the climb to the Lagazuoi (2775 m), a neighbor peak of the  Tofane di Rozes.

German readers can enjoy a more detailed travel report in my external German blog here.

All the others might want to check out some of my photos I have published on flickr here.

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