Cossacks – The Art of War: Mission 3 of the 2. campaign

Mission 3 of the 2. campaign of "Cossacks-The Art of War" is not that difficult after coming to the conclusion that a bit of patience and intelligence is better than just throwing all available forces into the battle right away.

Two Prussion troups are available to assist on the left and right side and the Hussar cavalier can be used to send commands to these troups. Instead of letting them attack right away or letting those on the right use the ferries to attack the Austrians from the back I decided the best strategy is to let them just taking their positions on the left and right flank and wait with the attack until the Austrians are sufficiently weakend to make the attack successful.

Let the Austrians run into your cannons not the other way around !

To weaken the Austrians and capture some of their cannons I used the following tactics:

  • Use the gunmen to take our their gunmen from far away. Important is to not gain the attention of their cannons.
  • Use your cannons to “convince” their troups including the cavalier to attack. It is much better to let them run into your cannons as the other way around.
  • After most of their gunmen have been taken out it is time to capture a few of their cannons. A good strategy here is to use the pikemen, but not in formation. Resolving the formation and just sending single units out minimize losses and with assistance of own gunmen it is possible to capture their cannons.
  • Once their troups have been weakened and cannons epecially on the flanks have been taken it is time for the final attack and victory.

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