Energy 2011-2020, and beyond – Wind Energy

And here some more facts from "bild der wissenschaft" about wind energy:

. Between 1999 and 2011 installed power went up from 5 to 30 gigawatt in Germany.
. Estimation shows double increase until 2020.
. First commercial German offshore wind park went live this month: 21 wind turbines produce 185 gigawatt hours per year, sufficient to support 50.000 households.
. UK already has more than a dozen wind parks. The largest one consists of 102 turbines delivering 370 megawatt electrical power.
. A larger wind park is planned at the water mouth of river Themse: "London Array" is supposed to produce 1 gigawatt electrical power.
. In year 2020 one fourth of electrical energy for UK is supposed to be delivered by wind parks.
. Rotor diameter, 120 meter today, might reach 200 meter in 2020.
. Electrical power per turbine will go up from 10 megawatt today to 20 megawatt in 2020.

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