Ford’s good name is vanishing away …

Two years ago I bought a new Ford Mondeo and so far I am quiet happy with that car. Except: after less than one and a half year the color from the logo at the rear of the car started to peel off.


I admit: this is not an essential piece of my car and as long as those essential parts work okay I should be happy. Nevertheless I wonder why a company spending millions for commercials and customer surveys ( just received another one after the recent yearly maintenance of my car ) does not care a lot for its brand and name.

This logo at my and all the other Ford cars stands for Ford’s good name and reputation. Apparently a smart financial analyst in that company decided to safe the company a few dollars by coming up with a cheaper logo. The picture above shows how it looks like after roughly 18 month. My car is not the only one where I have spotted this ugly representation of Ford. You would think that a company like Ford would prevent under all circumstances that their brand looks bad in public ? Wrong. Even they obviously made a big mistake here they would have had the chance to fix it. But: when I picked up my car after the most recent inspection and maintenance that ugly logo was still there.

If Ford doesn’t care for its good name, why should I ?


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