Searching a useful video converter for mpg to divx conversion …

Over the weekend I tried several video converter alternatives to convert videos in mpg format as recorded with my TerraTec Home Cinema ( allowing me to receive DVB-T TV on my PC )  to a divx format my Panasonic DVD and Harddrive Recorder DMR-EX79 is able to read. So far I have evaluated the following alternatives:

Software Worked ? Comments Prize
OJOsoft Total Video Converter


Very easy to use !

$ 26.95

Hamster Free Video Converter


Output was not readable by my Panasonic DMR-EX79, nor Windows Media Player


DivX Plus for Windows


Conversion hung up at 54 %, no further progress. Besides this tool comes with too many other features I probably never need.

€ 19.03

Dr. DivX 2.1 Beta 4

  That’s basically DivX Plus under a different cover.  
Advanced X Video Converter


Quality too poor when checking it out with VLC Media Player. Windows Media Player only played sound.

€ 22.92

Any Video Converter


Didn’t really seem to support DivX format.


4Free Video Converter


Doesn’t run properly under Windows Vista ( reports crashes during startup ). Allows to create AVI DivX file but it is not readable by my Panasonic DMR-EX79


Format Factory


Quiet easy to use. Produced good quality AVI DivX File ( 43 min yield 0.9 GByte in 11 minutes ). Plays fine with Windows Media Player and my Panasonic DMR-EX79. On the latter sometimes jerky, but this probably is a problem either with the player or my USB stick ( too slow ? ).



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