Cossacks – The Art of War: Mission 2 of the 2. campaign

Mission  2 of the 2. campaign of "Cossacks-The Art of War" (The Bohemiam Border) is one of those tough missions where you need a lot of patience and stamina. The Austrians permanently attack from three sides ( blue arrows ), accompanied by the Saxons who attack from northwest as well ( middle blue arrow ).

The bandits in the North are not of much help. We get the hint to send some pack horses into their city to get their support but this doesn’t work: their gate simply won’t open.

Luckily we have sufficient gold, coal and iron at the beginning and lots of deposits around. Thus the first two things to do:

  • Hire lots of infantryman and dragoons through the embassy to ensure sufficient forces to defend ourselves
  • Explore the deposits ( including the 2 gold deposits a bit further away ) and build mines and advance them to level 2 ( higher levels would get too expensive for now )

Next ensure proper wood, stone and food productions. We need those resources later to exchange against coal and iron. Thus it is also a great idea to advance the appropriate technologies for these resources through the academy and also by building a blacksmith shop and inventing the scythe.

Also don’t forget to produce pikemen and gunneries in the barracks to gain cheap additional units for defense and later on attack.

Discovering the embassy of the Saxons

Once the situation stabilizes – defense under control and resource production has reached a sufficient level – we can think off striking back. The first attack ( red arrow # 1 ) should target the Saxon settlement in the West. In the meantime we also should have built an artillery depot and some howitzer. The attack starts by starting to send our defense troops located in the southwest westwards and thus make them attack troops. They will have to deal with incoming Austrians al the time until they reach the Saxon settlement.

The fast Cossack is the best unit to quickly explore the enemy territory and find their embassy to become a target for our  howitzer. As soon as we have destroyed this building we feel a relief: no more green attack waves. This is an important milestone to finally win the game.

For our 2nd attack wave we send our troops northwest towards the Austrian settlement. Their primary objective is to destroy the towers there ( they also will need howitzer for that ) and the Austrian troops located south of the Austrian city. This opens the path for the 3rd attack ( we can use the troops who have taken over the Saxon settlement ) to get close to the Austrian city and attack it from the south, then circling around the city clockwise.

Our primary target: the Commander of the Austrians

First we should focus on taking out the riding stables which produce all the cavalrymen in a high frequency and number who have made our life that difficult. Once the riding stables have been  destroyed by the howitzer we won’t experience any heavy attacks anymore.

Now we can concentrate on winning the game by taking over the Austrian city. Which is easy once we know that we just have to get their commander. A tricky way to do so is to put him under fire by the howitzer. This will motivate him to do something stupid: leaving the city and attacking us. When this happens it is a piece of cake to get him and the well deserved victory over the Austrians.

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  1. CC Says:

    Very hard to withstand the initial attacks

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