Stand up and live !

Sitting kills – we read it again and again and again and again and again everywhere. Even if you do a lot of sports may be after work – sitting for many hours in a row without getting up and moving is bad. This article says: “Sitting too much may double your risk of dying, study shows”. OK, I agree to the comment made here: “Well s**t. I thought the risk of dying was 100% already, does this make it 200%?”. But I guess what is meant was: sitting too much makes you die earlier, at least jeopardizes your health.

Sitting at Home
"Sitting at Home" by [martin].

There are a lot of gadgets out there which you can install on your computer reminding you to take breaks, also to get your eyes some rest. I for myself started a new initiative: whenever anything on my computer takes more than 3 seconds to respond I get up and walk around a bit and watch my monitor while standing to see when my computer is ready for me to continue my work. For instance launching Windows Live Writer to write this posting here took longer than 3 seconds. Time to get up and stretch legs ! Launching firefox always takes longer, I know that upfront. So I actually could get up and launch it while standing.

A windows computer typically wastes a lot of your time by doing permanent updates or scanning for viruses or whatever. Great opportunity to stand up. Don’t watch your computer wasting your time while sitting !

Also when you have to do some thinking like: “How to finish this blog posting ?” – why not getting up and walking around at least for a few seconds or a minute or so ? You brain might work better anyway when doing so.

May be really time for me to buy a tablet PC. This would enable me to for instance do some reading while standing or walking around.

Or how about a cubicle dance once in a while ? Thanks, Dilbert, for this great idea !


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