Strange behavior of Firefox 5

Since yesterday I observe some strange behavior of my Firefox 5 browser. Two of my extensions stopped working:

Both add-ons worked before and used to display some dialog box for bookmarking / sharing. Now nothing happens when trying to invoke these add-ons.

Besides Firebug 1.8.0 does not seem to work as well; I can’t find any means to enable / start it, there is for instance no icon showing up in the Add-On Toolbar, even after trying this recommendation.

The weird thing is: after I tried to use any of the two extensions mentioned above the Tools –> Add-ons feature in Firefox stops working as well: no add-ons page is displayed anymore.

And: after exiting Firefox it stays in memory ( I can see the process in Windows Task Manager ) and thus I can not re-start it without first killing that process.

Time of switch to Google Chrome as my default browser like many others are doing it these days ? Or does anyone have any idea how I can debug, investigate, mitigate or solve these problems ?


One Response to “Strange behavior of Firefox 5”

  1. amagard Says:

    Very cool: Firefox Add-on AddInto – Bookmarking & Sharing Button ( – works with many many web services, including Mister-Wong and Tumblr, thus helps me to overcome my problems described above.

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