My favorites for week 3, 2011

Big GrinSomething to laugh: my favorite comic strip of the weekabout feedback

It’s probably a good advice to give feedback only to people who ask for it. They will be the ones who appreciate your effort. Don’t come up with feedback if people who are supposed to digest it are not in the mood to do so, like Charlie Brown here in this Peanutrs comic strip.  And keep in mind – as I mentioned here in “Handling Feedback”: Participation in feedback should be voluntary, for the feedback receiver, and for the one giving feedback !

NerdSomething to watch: my favorite video clip of the weekabout domino

Domino Day at someones home: watch this "Amazing domino video for Restless Legs".

  Something to enjoy: my favorite photo  on flickr under a Common Creative licenseabout the moon and winter in Denmark

I believe the moon looks the same anywhere, nevertheless here is a great shot of the moon from Flemming from Denmark. And if you want to get an impression how winters look like in Denmark check out the other photo: “Winter in Denmark”.

"DSC_1708" by flemming. d5000.
DSC_1240_Winter in Denmark
"DSC_1240_Winter in Denmark" by flemming. d5000.
Cool Something to discover: my favorite bookmark of the weekabout comparing countries

IfItWereMyHome is a nice web site allowing you to compare countries in terms of how it would be to live there instead of your own country. For example if you currently live in USA moving over to Germany would

  • make you consume 50 % less oil,
  • give you 25 % more free time,
  • makes you staying alive for 1.17 extra years.

Those and more interesting facts about countries compared to other countries plus a nice map on the right comparing countries by its size are available on this web site.

Something to talk about: my favorite quote of the weekabout patents @ IBM

It took 50 years for IBM to have 5000 patents. In 2010, IBM received more than 5000 patents!

Since 18 years IBM is the company with the most patents. IBM’s worldwide patent portfolio exceeds 40,000 active patents ! Amazing what 400.000 smart people can achieve, isn’t it ?
From my presentation I use every year for Engineers Weeks here is a chart showing some of the most famous IBM patents:


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