Change is not always good

Change is everywhere and permanent in our innovation driven world. Change is seen as a vital part of our business and a true sign of success and progress.

"Players change too often" has been a project management lesson learned I blogged about more than 3 years ago where I described how many projects suffer under the permanent change of players. In the discussion thread created by this blog post it became clear that change has pro’s and con’s and that the problem usually is that it simply is not handled right.

To my mind one way to recognize a good restaurant is that when you come back after a long time still the same people are working there. We have such a restaurant in the village where I live and since more than a decade I see the same waiters there when we go there for dinner. They deliver the same excellent service we are used to get there, we know each other and can have some more conversation than just ordering drinks and food. When I see them it gives me as a customer a warm feeling and confidence that this enterprise still works as it was used to be and delivers the same good service. It is a sign to me that people working there are happy with their employer and that the restaurant owner is still happy with them – thus everything is in order with this place.

Assmannshausen im April
"Assmannshausen im April" by Axel Magard.

The long Easter weekend in April 2009 came with an excellent weather forecast, thus my wife and I used it to do some more hiking along the famous Rheinsteig trail between Wiesbaden and Bonn. On the last day of the weekend we hiked from Lorch to Assmannshausen and after we arrived there we went to the same restaurant we visit every time we come to this little village located at the river Rhine – which is may be once every second year. It is ideally located in the center of the village with a nice winter garden to sit in and offers great food and drinks – and an excellent and friendly service. Of course prizes are a little higher than somewhere else but their service is worth the extra money.

"This waiter has been working here two years ago when we have been here last time", my wife remarked while we were having lunch. And she was right – and the idea to this blog post was born.

May be this perception is subjective since you probably easier remember people who have given an excellent service to you than those you want to forget quickly. But since I have made this type of observation at some places I like to visit because of there good service I believe that one symptom of a healthy and successful enterprise is that it is able to retain their staff and to ensure they continue to deliver the same good service over a long period of time.

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