My favorites for week 46, 2010

Big GrinSomething to laugh: my favorite comic strip of the weekabout solutions for customer

The fashion industry apparently creates solutions and then seeks for customer fitting to the solution. Do other industries work the same way, or do we first seek for customers and then create solutions for them ?

Isn’t it amazing what questions can come up from a simple comic strip like this one from “Herman” ? Today another nice one appeared around that topic.

NerdSomething to watch: my favorite video clip of the weekabout a 17 Gigapixel photo

Isn’t it amazing what level of detail you could explore on a 17 Gigapixel photo ? Do you recognize by the way that wonderful place where this photo has been taken ?

  Something to enjoy: my favorite photo  on flickr under a Common Creative licenseabout scuba diving on the Maldives

The Maldives are certainly one of the best places to go for scuba diving. I have been there some years ago after I had learned scuba diving and thus this has been the place where I did my first real dives. Nautilus Cruises from the Maldives published a few impressive photos this week from this scuba diving paradise.

Whale Shark at Gangehi Maavaru, inside the lagoon!
"Whale Shark at Gangehi Maavaru, inside the lagoon!" by Nautilus Cruises (Maldives).
Lankan Manta Point
"Lankan Manta Point" by Nautilus Cruises (Maldives).

Something to talk about: my favorite quote of the weekabout remaining to-do’s

One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.

It’s probably okay to always look for improvement, to even strive for perfection, even the latter is hard to do in a world of very limited budgets and the desire to be fast on the market. It is the philosophy behind the Japanese principle of Kaizen.

Nevertheless, this should not stop us from sometimes leaning back and being satisfied for a moment and celebrate the achievements and success we have come up with so far. Moving forward all the time probably is not a healthy attitude. Spending some time on resting is equally important. Since I do mountain hiking a lot during my vacations I know what I am talking about.


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