My favorites for week 45, 2010

Big GrinSomething to laugh: my favorite comic strip of the weekabout buying Christmas presents

After Halloween is over Christmas is approaching faster than we are willing to realize. Smart people start buying Christmas presents now ! Here is a good hint from Herman how to buy a ring for your beloved.

Surprise Something to surprise: my favorite "I really didn’t know this" of the weekabout YouTube

Did you know that

  • 35 hours of video are upload to youtube every single minute ? Was 24 hours in March.

What a growth ! And what a data volume to handle every minute ! I wonder where they buy their storage systems from. Hopefully from us !

Source: youtube blog

  Something to enjoy: my favorite photo  on flickr under a Common Creative licenseabout a hidden place

"shipwreck" by acute_tomato.

Oh boy, that’s a place I would like to be right now, while it is getting stormy, cold and wet in Germany, and days so short that it is still night when you start it and of course night already when you finish it. This little bay with a ship wreck has been photographed by acute_tomato.

Something to talk about: my favorite quote of the weekabout design

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people.

Found this quote today on BrainyQuote. A good design is practical and aesthetic, this already is a strong requirement, especially since it might become hard to find out what a common perception of “aesthetical” would be. But besides this already challenging requirement: design must primarily serve people. Not get into their way through obscure user interfaces and unnecessarily confusing design elements, not to speak about unreliable functionality. The ultimate good design has been found when people actually enjoy it and use it whenever they can.

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