My favorites for week 44, 2010

Big GrinSomething to laugh: my favorite comic strip of the weekabout HTTP 404

Remember the page of nice HTTP 404 Error messages I showed you last week here on my blog ? Here is a comic strip around that topic from “Reality Check” …

  Something to enjoy: my favorite photo  on flickr under a Common Creative licenseabout Halloween

OK, Halloween 2010 is history. Let’s check out a few photos from Gary Denness apparently taken on that day.

Three Times The Rebel
"Three Times The Rebel" by Gary Denness.
Little count Dracula Jr
"Little count Dracula Jr" by Gary Denness.
You Little Devilish Demon
"You Little Devilish Demon" by Gary Denness.

Something to talk about: my favorite quote of the weekabout the importance of what you do

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.

Significant and important for whom ? You, your family, your team, your home organization, your employer, the economy, your nation, the entire world and human mankind, the universe, the multiverse ( if Steven Hawking and other physicist are right with their theory of multiple universes ) ? Depending on what scale and benchmark and what context you choose, depending on who you ask: what you do is insignificant and important at the same time.

One Response to “My favorites for week 44, 2010”

  1. garydenness Says:

    Technically I took them on Day of the Dead in Mexico, the day after Halloween, but it’s close enough… 🙂

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