My favorites for week 28, 2010

Big GrinSomething to laugh: my favorite comic strip of the weekabout fools

  Give yourself 10 seconds to digest this sentence, then move on ….

Something to watch: my favorite video clip of the weekabout remote controls

We are lazy people, aren’t we ? We spent all day long in front of a computer, if away from the computer we stare at our mobile device, and the rest of our day outside bed we spend in front of a TV. And of course we use a remote control to switch channels there, so that we really don’t need to get up. This funny video “Grab The Remote” shows what tricks a man comes up with who has fallen into his sofa and realizes he forgot his remote control and spots it a few meters away in a cabinet. Watch him as he tries to get it without having to get away from his sofa. Which finally he has to anyway. If he would have read this Lifehacker article “Exercise or Not, Sitting at a Desk All Day Is Bad for You” – or this one: “Staying Still Too Long Hurts You, Even If You Exercise“ -  he would have jumped up right away or even better he would have decided to not hang around in front of his TV at all.

  Something to discover: my favorite bookmark of the weekabout online games (again)
  Need even more time wasters ( ähem, games I mean ) ? Check out Chromatic on ( you can meet me there as MagArty ). Your job is to move your friend – a little tiny circle – to the exit. You can give him three ( and later on more ) different colors giving him different extra capabilities ( like e.g. double-jump ) and you need to switch to the right color in order to collect coins of the same color. In later levels you for instance have to go through laser beams. Before make sure you have switched to the right color. Exciting and well done game !

ApplauseSomething to learn: my favorite tip of the weekabout tee in linux

  The tee command in linux is useful to redirect any output you see in your terminal to a file. Great if you run some commands or a script producing lengthy output and you want to follow it on the screen, but you also want to capture the output in a log file to review later on, to have some documentation about what you did or just in case you miss something on the screen so that you can check it out later.
Simply type: YOUR_COMMAND| tee YOUR_COMMAND.log or any other file name instead of your_command.log you desire.

  Something to enjoy: my favorite photo  on flickr under a Common Creative licenseabout  bees and birds

First I discovered “Green Drops” by Hamish Irvine from Edinburgh, UK, then after checking out his photo stream I found one I even like more: “Lavatera Bee” ( see below ). And “El vigilante de la playa” by  Pilar De la Cruz from Spain is beautiful too.

Lavatera Bee
"Lavatera Bee" by Fulla T.
El vigilante de la playa
"El vigilante de la playa" by Pilar De la Cruz.

Something to talk about: my favorite quote of the weekabout ignorance

An ignorant person is one who doesn’t know what you have just found out.

That’s something I try to remember next time I meet an ignorant person. May be he or she is not just too stupid to grasp my great idea, may be the problem lies on my side explaining well what I discovered !?



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