My favorites for week 27, 2010

Big GrinSomething to laugh: my favorite comic strip of the weekabout socializing

In a not too far away future “socializing” will probably have a different meaning to people. Socializing without a mobile gadget ? Socializing with people next to me simply by speaking to them and may be having a beer together ? Weird thought. But may be it works ? Moderately Confused ? That’s the title of this nice series of comic strips from where I got this one.

Cool Something to discover: my favorite bookmark of the weekabout online games
My German social bookmarking site Mister Wong recommended to me this nice web site with hundreds of little but well done games all running in your browser as a little flash gadget, thus no install is required: Miniclip You simply pick one and start playing. Ready for a little game during your next break ? I just tried Stunt Pilot and made it to level 9 for my first attempt. Can you beat me ? What will be  your favorite game there ? Mahjongg Daily ? Or Ace of Speed 2 ? Sudoku ? Of course you can sign up for free and become my friend.

As we speak about computer games: One thing I really like about Open Client for Linux Fedora 13 are the many games you can download. Big Grin. I found one which I really like and played a long time ago, but then “lost” it somehow: “Oxyd”. The open source linux version is called “Enigma”. Give it a try ! You can download it through “Add/Remove Software” ( category “Games and Entertainment” of course ), once you have installed Open Client for Linux Fedora 13. Your job is to move a bowl around and hit stones in the right sequence, finding the right pairs of stones in order to win a level. It is a nice combination of a mouse-moving-ability and puzzle game. Hard to explain, you have to try it on your own !

ApplauseSomething to learn: my favorite tip of the weekabout drag’n’drop to search bar in Firefox and easy moving images from one web site to another

You probably now about the search bar in Firefox, but did you also know that you can drag words from your browser window into this search bar ? This is one of the tips I figured out by myself by just thinking this would be a nice feature and trying it out. And voilà: it does work ! It is most useful for me when I have the need to look up a translation for an English word in combination with the search bar. Priceless !

And here is another one I learned today through Lifehacker. Amazing how easy it is made by Windows to capture stuff ( here: images ) from the web and upload it to somewhere else: “Paste Web URLs in File Upload Dialogs for Quick Uploads from One Web Site to Another”. I tried it today by getting me an image URL from flickr and upload it directly into my picasa account – works nicely ! And works from any other site as well.

  Something to enjoy: my favorite photo  on flickr under a Common Creative licenseabout Sydney harbour

reflections of sydney
"reflections of sydney" by paul (dex).

On Wednesday morning this photo showed up as one of the most interesting flickr photos in my Klipfolio dashboard – and luckily this one has been published under a Common Creatives License, otherwise it would not have been qualified to be featured here in my blog.

reflections of sydney” by paul is a beautiful shot of a Sydney harbor view after rain.

Something to talk about: my favorite quote of the weekabout words, thoughts, actions and your destiny

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

I am not sure though whether words always lead to actions. Many words spoken or thoughts thought lead to nowhere, as I was reading in a tweet somewhere these days: "Too many thinkers, not enough doers."  We are good in talking about things and sit in meetings hour by hour, but are we really good and efficient in getting things done ? Do modern work environments actually foster doers, thinkers or more communicator ?


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