My favorites for week 17, 2010


Big GrinSomething to laugh: my favorite comic strip of the weekabout cost cuts in companies

  Cost cuts in companies have turned into good food for jokes and funny comics, don’t you think ? I like this one from Herman !

NerdSomething to watch: my favorite video clip of the weekabout Dan the Man

This funny video is made in the style of a jump’n’run computer game and tells nicely a story about real life. Dan the Man, the hero, experiences “Life After Saving The Princess”. He learns his lesson, and is doing much better at the end of stage 1. Fortunately a jump’n’run hero has at least three lives Wink. Thank you, StumbleUpon, for recommending this to me this week.

ApplauseSomething to learn: my favorite tip of the weekabout mails and calendar entries in Lotus Notes.

  Knowing and applying are two things. I knew that a calendar entry can be copied into a memo and I just discovered it works the other way around as well: you can easily copy a memo into a calendar entry of type meeting for instance.
This makes it quiet easy for regular meetings to compose a meeting minutes memo out of a meeting invitation ( assuming you have provided some useful agenda ) and next week create a calendar invitation based on your last meeting minutes.
OK, I know, most folks don’t do it this way anyway for regular meetings. Most people prefer to fire off a regular meeting invitation with weekly interval for the entire year with a blank agenda – a great way to my mind to waste everyone’s time. I believe that it is the responsibility of a meeting chairman to do a little better and put some minutes of effort into the preparation of a meeting to make it valuable for everyone. 
Anyway: to copy a calendar entry into a meeting memo select it from your calendar, then click “Copy into New” –> “Message” from the calendar tool bar. To copy a memo ( aka message aka e-mail ) into a calendar entry select it from your mail folder and click “More” –> “Copy into New” –> “Calendar Entry” in your mail view toolbar ( in Lotus Notes 8.5 that is ). The good thing is that the recipients list is seamlessly copied over both ways: required attendees end up in the To: list, optional attendees in the CC: list and FYI folks in the BCC: list – and the other way around. I usually do this before my meeting starts to have a draft meeting minutes memo available which I use to update it with my minutes as the meeting is progressing. When the meeting ends I click “Send” and meeting attendees receive their meeting minutes a few moments later.
Cool Something to discover: my favorite bookmark of the weekabout Eyjafjallajökull
Do we have to blame that volcano with that weird name for sending additional CO2 into our atmosphere ? Probably we don’t, as this info graphic nicely illustrates.

  Something to enjoy: my favorite photo  on flickr under a Common Creative licenseabout Indonesia

Víctor Vélez has published some photos from Bali, Indonesia. Two of my favorites you can see below:

Bali | Indonesia - 7
"Bali | Indonesia – 7" by Victor Velez.
Bali | Indonesia - 5
"Bali | Indonesia – 5" by Victor Velez.


Something to talk about: my favorite quote of the weekabout changing the world

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.

To avoid that conflict I prefer to get up in the morning, make no plans and ensure throughout the day to have one hell of a good time. I believe I don’t need to have the goal to change the world every day. If more than 6 billion people on this planet would attempt to change the world every day then we might get into trouble easily. Thus I guess I can sit back and relax a bit.

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