Back from hiking on Majorca


Pirate Watch Tower
"Pirate Watch Tower"

Last week I have been on Majorca, the largest island of Spain, located in the Mediterranean Sea and belonging to the Balearic Islands, two flight hours away from Frankfurt, Germany. I have been traveling on my own since this year my wife has to safe a few vacation days for an extra education she is taking and thus I was free to do something on my own. I booked six guided tours organized by the German Alpine Club.

We stayed in a good hotel in Port de Sóller in the North of the island behind the mountains, located at the coast. If you visit their web site you see as a first photo the old part of the hotel with a massive stone tower. That’s where my room was located. The hotel was fully booked and thus I got this room which was a bit difficult to reach through a very narrow spiral stair case, but quiet calm and very special. This building actually is from the 16th century when pirates from Algeria attacked Majorca attempting to kidnap members of rich families to bring them over to Africa as slaves and only returned them after their family had paid a huge amount of money.

Bay at Cape Pinar
"Bay at Cape Pinar"

Many people never returned to Majorca and inhabitants of Majorca tried to protect themselves by building watch towers and houses like fortresses. That’s why I spent my vacation in such a watch tower, which has been an interesting experience. The hotel itself was nice and offered a large swimming pool and excellent breakfast and dinner, good wines and a good location; only 3 minutes walking distance to the harbor.

Our travel guide was a Majorcan who had worked as a druggist many years ago, thus he know very well about all the plants you find on Majorca. But he also knew a lot about animals, geology, history and culture and shared a lot with us while a bus took us to the starting points of our hikes each day.

We climbed on top of two mountains, the Galatzó (1027 m) and the Massanella (1365 m), the second highest mountain on Majorca. The highest one is the Puig Major (1445 m), but this one is protected by Military.

Olive Trees
"Olive Trees"

We did several coastal hikes with the opportunity to enjoy the 20°C cold water of the Mediterranean Sea, we visited a few of the small mountain villages, tasted a lot of olives and fresh orange juice and discovered the old stone trails  built by Arabians. We also explored a cave used in former times to hide smuggled tobacco, and we hiked the Canyon Torrent De Pareis with 300 m high walls, the highlight of the week, and a bit more than just hiking.

Great week with a lot of walking, but much better than hanging in front of a computer all day long, I tell you. A bit strenuous for the body – not too bad; they called it easy hikes and I would rate it as moderate hikes – but relaxing for the mind, for me a better way to relax than just doing nothing during my vacation days. I simply love this mixture of sports and discovery with a little bit of adventure. And I love to be a hiker, not just an ordinary tourist.

Now, back to work, waiting for the next nice trip Wink.

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