Again: back from snowshoe hiking

My wife and I have been snowshoe hiking last week ( a detailed report is here in my German blog ), this time with the German Alpine Club in Austria in the Zugspitze area.

Auf dem Weg zum Höllkopf
"Auf dem Weg zum Höllkopf"

We stayed in a nice hotel in Lermoos. After we have had heavy snow falls in Germany and Austria recently the last week before we arrived weather changed to become pretty warm and snow had been melting away in the valleys, nevertheless we still found sufficient snow at an altitude starting with 1.500 m, thus we could do 5 nice hikes climbing between 400 and 800 meters to mountains above 2.000 m. We were lead by a nice mountain guide who not only gave us a lot of useful hints and tips how to do snowshoe hiking right and even manage steep ascents and descents, but who also provided some basic training how to use avalanche transceiver to rescue people hit by an avalanche.

Our first tour was an easy one along the border between Austria (Tyrol) and Bavaria (Germany). The second one was on top of a mountain called Upps – opposite to the Zugspitze. For this one we had to carry our snowshoes on the back for the first half of the climb and descent later on, but used them to get to and back from the summit. Tour 3 started at the Ehrwalder Alm and we hiked towards the Wetterstein mountain and the Gattl, nevertheless it became too warm throughout the day and snow too wet so that we had to abort the hike before we reached the target.

Blick von der Zugspitze
"Blick von der Zugspitze"

Tour 4 was the highlight of the week, the hike started at the mountain station of the Biberwier chair-lift and we climbed the Höllkopf ( “Hell’s Head” ), then did a steep descent into the Hell’s Valley until we reached the Lehnberghaus. Only disadvantage of that tour: it took us quiet long to find a Glass-Beer-Shop. After our hike down into the valley we had to walk for another view kilometers before we reached a hotel where we could enjoy our Weizenbier on their sunny patio while waiting for our taxi to get us back to Lermoos.

Tour 5 was supposed to get us up to the Coburger Hütte and then around the mountain “Vorderer Tajakopf”, but we only reached lake Seebensee since snow conditions were bad due to a night too warm and avalanche risk too high for doing the steep ascent to the Coburger Hütte. Also changing weather conditions had been forcasted and thus we returned earlier – a good decision by our mountain guide since at 03:00 pm mountains suddenly disappeared in between clouds and it started to rain.

On Saturday my wife and I were supposed to travel back home but since weather conditions had improved already we first did a cable car ride on the top of Germany – the Zugspitze – and enjoyed a breathtaking view across the snow covered alps – an unforgettable experience !


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