Commercials in TV

I really like his attitude towards commercials in TV !

I actually never watch private channels live, I tell you. Everything is recorded, either on tape, DVD or hard disk; I have three units in my home capturing what I like to watch later on. Key is to be able to fast forward through the commercials.

Panasonic DMR-EX79EG-S silber

Time management ? Yes, big topic; think about it: watching a 45 minute TV shows takes 60 minutes when doing it live, and between 50 and 46 minutes when viewing a recording. Obviously it takes longer to fast forward a tape than it can be done with a DVD. And my hard disk recorder – a Panasonic DMR-EX79EG – is a real smart pal: in many cases he manages it to create indices in the recording so that I directly can jump from the beginning of a commercial break to its end to continue watching my TV show almost seamlessly. Wonderful. Thanks, Panasonic, even I might skip your commercials as well.

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