Professions for my next life

Next time I am born I think I will go for one of these professions instead of becoming a project manager:

    4) Spazzacamino 2007
    "4) Spazzacamino 2007" by Alberto Ferrero.
  • Chimney sweeper. One has been in my house recently. He charges me € 65 for 15 minutes routine work, and this contains a lot of small talk as well.
  • Scuba diving instructor somewhere on Fiji or the Maldives. Probably not the right profession to make lots of money but the right profession to always be at beautiful places where other folks have to pay a lot of money to be there for just a few days. OK, I would need to become a much better scuba diver than I am currently, but if I would start to learn it early enough in my life that should work. Or how about mountain guide or something similar ?
  • Writer of books about programming. If you know your topic it is easy to fill hundreds of pages just with the source code you have written. Currently I am reading “Ajax: A Beginner’s Guide” by Steven Holzner, also available on Books24x7. Don’t get me wrong: it is an excellent book I can recommend to everyone who wants to start with web programming and Ajax, with HTML, XML, dynamic HTML, Javascript, PHP, or who thinks who knows something about web programming and Ajax, about HTML, XML, dynamic HTML, Javascript, PHP, like I did. The book is excellent to teach or refresh a lot of fundamentals and comes with lots of interesting examples in a very detailed way – and that’s where the author generates lots of pages with developing and repeating his source code again and again as he explains it in detail. Which is good. And a reasonable way to make money. More about this book may be later here in my blog.
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