My odyssey to find a useful media player for Vista

What I mean by media player here basically is a music player with the capability

  1. to create playlists
  2. to burn audio CDs using these palylists
  3. to create a listing of tracks including track number, title and duration of the track.

While most media player support my first two requirements most fail with the third.

And most media player I tried actually failed at all running properly under Windows Vista. itunes for WIndows, Winamp and a newer version of SonicStage all are pretty much unusable on my system: they respond very slowly and after a while don’t respond at all and freeze on my Vista system. I guess I have to blame Vista more for this than those tools, but anyway: no useful option for me.

I am using a very old version of SonicStage on my old Windows XP box successfully to do what I want. It stores playlists in a Microsoft Access Database (mdb) file and I used OpenOffice Database to connect to this database and query the list of tracks I need to produce the CD Cover sheets.

I also tried the native Windows Media Player on my Vista box. It doesn’t support my third requirement, there is no way to show the track number in the playlist and no way to get it printed or exported somehow. And I hate their design how to edit playlists. I never will grasp why I have to load it into the right sidebar in order to edit it and how to save my changes; I am always confused by this and have no idea what steps to perform in what sequence.

Then I re-discovered Media Jukebox 12 by J. River Inc., a free version of their awesome media software. I had installed it long ago on my computer but after an initial trial did not use it anymore and almost forgot about it. I had almost decided to uninstall it but luckily I didn’t and gave it another trial in these days.

It turned out to be the best choice for my requirements. Creating and managing playlists is very convenient with their easy to use user interface, I can burn audio CDs and most important: it provides a numbered track list and I can either print a CD Cover sheet right away ( and may be print it to a pdf file and then re-use the list of tracks through copy/paste with my graphics program I use to create my own CD Sheets ) or even copy the track list to a spreadsheet application and re-use it from there. That’s where most other media player fail – besides their usability under Vista in general: easy access and copying to clipboard or printing of the track list.

My odyssey came to a happy ending: Media Jukebox 12 rocks !


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