Size doesn’t matter …

Herman… we all know this, right ? Big Grin

What I actually mean: the physical size of a person does not determine whether he or she would be a great leader, right ? You need to be big with other things to become a great leader – like your capability to deal with people, to communicate, to facilitate, to organize. A lot of “soft skills” and “social skills” are needed to form a real leader and I always wonder to what extent one can learn and train this and to what extent it simply is part of your personality.

I just have been reading “Why Do People Resist Leadership?” in the Dharma Consulting Blog to learn that people usually love and hate leaders at the same time. Or to phrase it with the great quote by Marty Linsky used in this article: “Leadership is disappointing people at a rate they can absorb.”.

A great resource to find lots of example how not to become a great leader of course are the Dilbert comic strips. One brilliant sample you can see below about the art to delegate.


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