My favorites for week 25, 2009

This is an excerpt of last weeks “fun@work “ posting in my company internal blog ….

Surprise Something to surprise: my favorite "I really didn’t know this" of the weekabout neutron stars

Did you know that

  • a neutron star typically has a diameter of 20 kilometer,
  • that 1 cubic centimeter of neutron star material weights 1 billion tons,
  • that the gravity of a neutron star is 1 billion times higher than on our planet, thus a particle would need two third of light speed to escape,
  • we probably have 1 billion neutron stars in our galaxy,
  • that a neutron star is born out of a supernova with amount of material below 4 to 5 times of our sun, otherwise a black hole would arise,
  • that similar to our planet neutron stars have a solid surface but are liquid inside,
  • and have a supra liquid zone full of neutrons ?

Source: bild der wissenschaft 7/2009

Thumbs-up Something to enjoy: my favorite photo  on flickr under a Common Creative licenseabout a red bus … where ?

"IMG_8682" by gengish.

Nice shot by gengish skan from Italia. Unfortunately it does not come with any useful title or description. I would guess it has been taken in London. Does anyone recognize the building in the background ?

  Something to talk about: my favorite quote of the weekabout being nice to others

Wait a minute, a comic strip in the section where usually quotes appear ? Did my blog editor mess up this posting ? Nope, this Garfield comic strip comes with a nice quote, don’t you think ?

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