Cassiopeia, the tortoise

I don’t know why but when I drove to work this morning I had to think about Cassiopeia, a character from the novel “Momo” by Michael Ende. “Momo” is a modern fairy tale about time management and Cassiopeia is a tortoise in that novel. Cassiopeia has the capability to look into the future for half an hour and even she is moving slowly obviously she often seems to be ahead of others. She knows best when crossing a street for instance and thus her slow pace actually makes her faster.

Slow Down .......You Clown!!
"Slow Down …….You Clown!!" by fatboyke.

In the sense of what I wrote here – “We are moving too fast …” – and in the sense of “Slow movement” initiatives like “Read your e-mail twice …” ( I mentioned for instance in this fun@work posting ) I actually believe that moving slower means moving faster. We actually can gain the capability of looking into the future for the next 30 minutes.

Be slow and steady and win the race.

What if you would spend more time to listen to others, and not only listening to words spoken but hearing the tone of the voice and even observing body language, what if you would spend more time on reading more carefully and may be not only reading what is written but trying to grasp what is not written ( reading between the lines and for instance thinking about why a person has written something and why he has expressed it in the way he did  ), what if you would spend more time on thinking things through than simply acting – wouldn’t that get you more insights into the people you work with, the topics you work on and the environment you work in ? Wouldn’t that make you smarter and give you the capability to know better what will happen in the near future and thus being there actually faster ?


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