My favorite quote of the week: about the world as a comedy. Or more a tragedy ?

"The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those who feel."

In these times of financial crisis, recession and when you see a lot of your colleagues having to leave the company – do you experience this more as an obscure comedy or a sad tragedy ? Or do you prefer to close you eyes and try to ignore all of this. The latter can be the most healthy approach to deal with this, a survival tactic to avoid depression.

Whether you more think about it or more feel it certainly depends on how much you are affected. Did you loose a lot of your money or do you see others loosing their money ? Did you loose your job or do you just see others leaving ? People are actually very different in reacting on those hits. Some grow stronger, may be see it as an adventure, as an opportunity to start something new. Others might be almost destroyed by what is happening to them.

Now what: is the world more a comedy or a tragedy ? I guess it is both at the same time.


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