My favorite flickr CC photo of the week: about a maze of mirrors

Maze of Mirrors
"Maze of Mirrors" by laanba.

Somehow I love this photo because of the message it delivers. Laurie writes in her description of the photo: “As I was wandering around near the Alamo I came across a place called "The Mirror Maze." You KNOW I had to go in.
Here is an example from the maze. I know it looks like it is a straight hallway, but you couldn’t walk more than one or two of those triangle wedges before you ran into a mirror. You had to wear gloves so you wouldn’t get the mirror dirty. It was so much fun.”

I found this to be a nice analogy with project management or life in general. You create your plan and think you can travel along the timeline as you planned it and convert your gantt chart into reality. But then all the unknowns get into your way and start messing up the path you intended to follow. You can create plans, but you can not see the future. The future you see ahead of you is simply your assumption how it will be, an illusion.


One Response to “My favorite flickr CC photo of the week: about a maze of mirrors”

  1. robertmillerphotography Says:

    excellent photo, and the description is fantastic.

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