Look at that WordPress dashboard !

WordPress is doing such an excellent job with their blogging service and provides such an excellent service to their user that I need to share this with you here.

Look at the dashboard they provide for their users. Awesome. It contains everything you need to know about your blog and in my case actually more than I expected.

Let’s look into this a bit deeper:

Screenshot above is from my current WordPress dashboard. It shows:

  1. Number of posts I have, number of comments, number of tags I used and number of categories. ( OK, they distinguish between categories and tags which always confuses me a bit. I forgot again what the real difference is ). Number of comments is broken down into number approved, number pending and number of spam comments. They have a system to automatically figure out what is spam and users of course can either approve a comment or mark it as spam.
  2. A list of recent comments made to my blog postings
  3. Incoming links. This is amazing: they show links to comments I have made on lifehacker and also capture links I have made from my German blog.
  4. “Your stuff” which is kind of any activity I have been involved with: comments I left on someone else’s blog, comments arriving in my blog, pingbacks ( someone including myself linking to one of my blog articles ) and postings I have created.
  5. “Quick Press” is a tiny little editor in the upper right corner allowing me to quickly blog off right away. Below is a list of my recent drafts.
  6. The statistics. Awesome ! A line diagram shows number of visits per day. Below is a list of my top posts with number of views and my most active posts with number of views. I believe the first is the overall total, the second focuses on a most recent time frame, 7 days I guess. Very insightful: the “Top searches” showing how people found my blog posts. In my case currently: kinds of humor,  magic bus, alaska,  virtualbox audio cpu vista,  kinds of humour,  win95 under xp. A link leads to a more detailed page with all sorts of interesting information where you can also get that line chart by day, week or month:

    Such kind of a chart gives you an idea to what extent your blog is gaining momentum and can be a great motivator to keep you going.

I am impressed — and it is hard to impress me.

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