My second experience with OpenOffice V3 Macros

My first impression had been that those sample Macros provided together with OpenOffice V3 simply don’t work – no matter whether they are written in Python, Javascript or BeanShell.

Today I spent some more minutes trying to debug the HelloWorld Javascript macro. It turned out that it started okay – thus no general problem with the environment – and got to the statement marked in screen shot below:

The error message said: “Cannot read text property getText from null”. What I forgot to mention in my previous posting was that I attempted to run that macro from the OO Spreadsheet Application. The error message itself triggered the suspicion that it might work when using the OO Text Document Application. And as a matter of fact – it does – for all three HelloWorld macros:

The Macro Organizer in OO provides all macros in all applications, no matter whether they would work there correctly. A method like getText() works okay for a text document, but not for a spreadsheet. A nice feature would be if only those macros would be made available in a particular application which are capable to work there. Anyway – there is room for hope now to get more done with OO V3 Macros !


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