Still playing ATLANTICA …

Today has been the first time that I met someone in a MMPORG and we built a relationship and collaborated for a while. He actually became my mentor and we made a deal that he would bring me from my current level 18 to level 30 to earn 200.000 bucks for both of us. This is actually a very nice concept in this game to encourage player to help other players. I wish the bonus system in my company would work like this as well.

We spent a couple of hours together, he helped me with a challenge I had failed to get through so far and gave me a lot of training, info and hints.

A real new experience for me and something which really distinguishes a MMPORG type game from an offline computer game I was used to play so far: getting to know real player – or at least an avatar with a real person behind.

His name is MuaDib in the game and he shared with me some other interesting information: he used to play Metin2 by Gameforge and mentioned that this obviously is a type of game where finally you have to spend real money to get further in the game by buying necessary items, passports or maps. A clever trick of the provider to make money. He revealed some more interesting stories: that people pay up to 3.200 Euro for avatars, that companies hire kids or unemployed people to let them play and make play money or develop characters which they then sell for real money. This is called china farming or gold farming and a huge multi-million business for some companies !  

He also mentioned that pretty soon a new game by the Asian company  NCSoft will be coming out: Aion. ATLANTICA obviously has been developed by another Asian company – Ndoorsand it took 3 years to develop it. Impressive.

Learned enough for today, about ATLANTICA and MMPORGs in general. Time to get some sleep.


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