Playing Atlantica

Atlantica is the first MMORPG I am really playing. Their ads on or wherever I saw those made me curious, thus I signed up and started playing. It is in beta and seems to be free for now.
Registration went smooth and after the 2 gigabyte download and 5 gigabyte installation I fired up the client and started playing.
I am pretty much impressed, I have to say. Not only is this a really well designed game, it also shows a great performance. And it’s a good candidate to become a drug. The day before yesterday I went to bed after midnight. That has to stop, of course 😉

To me this is a great example of a well designed game. It is pretty complex but it allows you to start easy and learn additional functions and skills step by step while playing. The initial training just takes a few minutes before you can have some fun. Early experiences of success keep you going. Later on it let’s you “train”  new user interface functions and gives you feedback right away whether you have done this right ( like e.g. when you learn what you have to do to craft new items ). These learning steps are like missions and are
presented to you when needed. This keeps you motivated to go through this and learning the software becomes real fun and part of the game.

Besides, it has nice graphics and sounds.


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