Power drop causes "Missing operating system"

This morning we have had a complete electrical power drop in Mommenheim, the little town close to Mainz, Germany, where I live. My new computer with Windows Vista installed was on standby ( I guess that’s “standby” when the power light is blinking and I just have to hit the keyboard to bring it up again quickly; I am still a little confused by the many ways I can “turn off” my Vista computer ).

Later on in the morning when electricity was back I turned it on and gazed at a black screen with just three words on it: “Missing operating system”.

Good grief ! My first reaction was to try out what everyone does when you have no real clue: turn it off and turn it on again.

OK, I saw a Windows screen telling me Windows is resuming. Good. The screen turned black again. Not good. The power light was blinking. Good, that thing is in standby again. I hit the keyboard and it came back to life. Good.

But not funny. I am not sure whom to blame for this bad joke: Fujitsu/Siemens for their microcode or Microsoft for their Windows. At least it survived the power drop. Finally: good !

2 Responses to “Power drop causes "Missing operating system"”

  1. bobby Says:

    when the computer first comes on, press and hold F8 for about 10 seconds, a black screen may come up saying delete restoration data and proceed with system boot. use arrow keys and enter to select. this worked for me.

  2. amagard Says:

    Thanks, bobby. As I said: turning on and off my computer fixed the problem for now without any need to restore anything. So far I have not seen that problem again. Anyway, thanks for your hint; I keep that in mind in case I end up in the situation where a simple power on & power off won’t solve the problem.

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