Some tips around a virtual Windows 95

After I have set up a virtual Windows XP on my Vista box I also was attempting to get a Windows 95 image to run on my Vista using Vmware Server. Here are a few hurdles I had to go through to get it running in a more useful way:

  1. Audio didn’t work, even after enabling the audio device in my virtual computer before doing the install. Adding hardware is risky: when running the automatic hardware discovery the beast freezes including the host system and including a blue screen of death experience. When adding hardware the automatic scan should be skipped. A working audio driver turned out to be the Creative ‘Sound Blaster PCI 128’ driver as mentioned here, which I downloaded from  the Creative archives.
  2. Network didn’t work. This was easy to fix by just adding the Microsoft TCP/IP protocol ( through “Network” in the Control Panel, Configuration – Add … ) 
  3. The built-in browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 3.0) was hopelessly old and did not render any web page correctly and threw thousands of “script error” messages. A browser working under Windows 95 turned out to be Opera version 9.22, as mentioned in this blog posting, which still is available from here. Before I tried to install older versions of firefox ( back to ) or flock or Netscape without success: either the installer crashed or the browser itself after installation, and I couldn’t get any older versions of these browser.

2 Responses to “Some tips around a virtual Windows 95”

  1. mike Says:

    Why would you want to run windows 95??? Its really old!

  2. amagard Says:

    Yep, it’s old, mike, but there is a very simple reason: Unfortunately Windows lacks downward compatibility. Not everything what runs under Windows 95 does run under XP. Not everything what runs under XP runs under Vista. Even Windows provides compatibility modes for older version of Windows those don’t work in all cases.

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