Why or why does Picasaweb look so different on Windows Vista ?

After fixing the Windows Vista Flash problem on my computer I am still struggling getting my Picasa web albums showing up correctly under Windows Vista. The screen shot below shows how it looks like under Windows XP ( on the left ) and under Vista.

Damn Vista ! I am glad I found this wonderful Firefox plugin Fire/Universal Uploader which makes uploading files to Picasa a piece of cake. A real wonderful user interface reminds me at Norton Commander ( or Total Commander, one of the few pieces of software I ever paid for and don’t want to miss on any of my computers ): on the left side you see your local files and on the right your PicasaWeb albums and files. You simply select a file on the left and click on an arrow to do the upload and a status bar at the bottom visualizes nicely the progress. Or you simply drag’n’drop a file from the left or from your desktop or explorer. Real cool ! And this powerful add-on supports other sharing sites as well like youtube and flickr and many more !

Here is a screenshot from this add-on:

Bad back to my original question: Why or why does PicasaWeb look so different on Windows Vista ?

Update on September 17th, 2008: Even with the new Google Chrome browser PicasaWeb does not show up nicely on my Windows Vista box. Since PicasWeb is owned by Google I would have expected that Google’s browser would fix the issue. Nope. Obviously it is a problem far deeper down in some layer of the operating system, since it shows up no matter what browser I use.


4 Responses to “Why or why does Picasaweb look so different on Windows Vista ?”

  1. Rick Says:

    I think you must have something set up that is blocking your photos. I couldn’t tell you what, but i have never had a problem viewing my Picasa in XP or Vista. I currently use Chrome, however IE and Firefox never gave me that issue either. Vista has been great to me, i’m sure you already have, but check to make sure you have the newest service pack and other updates.

  2. amagard Says:

    Thanks, Rick, you are the first to respond after a long time ! Good to get some feedback and good to know that it might work on Vista sooner or later after I have figured out the root cause on my system.
    I am on fixpack 1 by the way. Is there a newer one out there meanwhile ?
    “Something blocking …” ? May be I take a closer look at my firewall … ?

  3. amagard Says:

    Rick, you made my day ! As a matter of fact the weird behavior is caused by my “G Data InternetSecurity” firewall. When I de-activate the popup blocker of the web filter function Picasa suddenly works nice. Meanwhile I have activated it again and added http://picasaweb.google.com to my whitelist. Cool, thanks again ! Learned something important today.

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