Two events to celebrate yesterday …

  1. Germany : Turkey = 3 : 2. Yeah ! Not a great game but a great fight, and thus Germany qualified for the finale of the European Soccer Championchip. What I liked most was our third goal, not only because it finally catapult our team into the finale, but also because it was shot by Phillipp Lahm who I think is the most dedicated player in the team, whether it comes to attack or to defend, he is always there to do a good job. OK, in this match he made some stupid mistakes, but actually it has been said that he participated in 5/6 of the goals shot by the German team, thus he really deserved to shoot his own !
  2. Alex and Axel are married since 20 years. Unbelievable ! These are the flowers I got from my wife ( besides some bottles of one of my favorite white wine ) …

and these are the flowers she got from me. We celebrated by watching the soccer game ( see # 1 ) and emptying one of the bottles. smile_regular


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