DVD Recorder out of control …

Some days things just go wrong. You make a mistake and in order to fix that you make an even worse decision.

Last week I was attempting to format a DVD on my new computer with Windows Vista installed. Since this seemed to take a very long time I wanted to do something on my second computer I currently have available in parallel ( with good old Windows XP on it ) but unfortunately I confused the keyboards and after hitting the wrong key the formatting of the DVD was aborted. After that Vista was having problems accessing it again, thus I decided to feed it into my DVD Recorder which would do the formatting much faster anyway. So I thought.

After the DVD disappeared in my recorder ( an Orion DVD/VR-2962 SI ) it went into “Reading…” mode …. and stayed there forever. “Reading…” was displayed on the screen ( actually “Lese…”, which is “Reading…” in German language ), and didn’t go away even after minutes. The problem with this machine is that as long as it is analyzing ( “Reading….” ) a new DVD there is no way to access the setup menu or do anything else with it. No multi-tasking Sad.

Now I really seemed to be in trouble. I pressed the Eject button but nothing happened. What to do ?`I tried several alternatives like pressing the Eject button for a minute or pressing it rapidly again and again, I turned off and on the recorder keeping the Eject button pressed … nothing. I started reading the user instructions – an unmistakable sign of trouble. First I scanned through the troubleshooting pages: nothing useful. Did those pages every helped anyone solving a problem ? Thus I started reading more through the instructions without finding anything helpful.

My insubordinate DVD recorder.

I started my research in the internet. Almost nothing, except one hint: disconnecting the machine from the wall power, waiting for 1 minute, then turning it on again and keeping the Eject button pressed or press it rapidly. I tried this and several variations of this procedure. Nothing. “Reading …”. No way to do anything with this recorder anymore. Basically a piece of scrap now, except I could start to disassemble it. Damn, that’s really not what I wanted to spent the next hour with after I already wasted almost an hour of my time. I tried to push the DVD tray or even used a knife trying to open it with some form of violence. Nope, didn’t work. Damn ! I did what more was a reaction of frustration than another attempt to fix the situation: I hit the recorder with my hand on its top right above the DVD tray. The Eject symbol appeared on the screen and the tray opened smoothly.

Violence against machines – and of course against people – should always be the last option. It is said to make things worse. And I guess this is true in most cases. But not always.

Of course I didn’t try this again. After a reboot of my Vista machine it was cooperating again and recognizing the DVD and I was able to get it formatted. What a silly way to spend my time. At least I got some story to blog about here.


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