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Ford has opened up a new web site in the true sense of social software and web 2.0 allowing users to chime in and participate in all types of discussion around environment, technology and design: “Ford powered by you“. Nice idea.

My first contribution to a posting “A Dissenting View on the Environment” about the question how we – especially as someone who drives a car – should deal with “all the propaganda citing the end of the world”:

I am just reading Frank Schätzing’s book “Nachrichten aus einem unbekannten Universum” ( not sure about the English title ). It is a science book providing all the knowledge he has collected before he wrote the novel “The Swarm“.
A good part of the book is about the history of our planet and he takes the reader through all the geological eras. The beginning and start of those eras of course have been defined by human beings and the way we have defined those time stamps are that a major incidence occurred with dramatic changes for the majority of life on our planet: a meteorite impact, a major earth quake and/or tsunami, vulcano eruptions, methan gas eruptions, eruptions on the sun or birth of others stars “nearby”, moving continents and major climate changes, ice ages converting the entire planet into a snow ball, or combinations of multiple events, some taking a long time, some coming abruptly, which sometimes wiped away 90 % of life from planet Earth.
Who are we that we think we can play a major role here besides those types of events and influences ? After reading all of this I believe we pretty much over-estimate the power we think we have.
Check out for instance
this chart in the German wikipedia how amount of oxygen has changed in our atmosphere during the last 1000 million years. The message simply is: dramatic changes on our planet have occurred long before the first human being started walking around on its surface.

With best regards … Axel Magard Nachrichten aus einem unbekannten Universum

ISBN: 3462036904
ISBN-13: 9783462036909

I am not saying we should not do what we can do to minimize the negative impact any technology would have on this planet and our life. If we can reduce the amount of ozone, lead, asbestos, particulate dust or any other type of dangerous waste in the air we breath every day we better do it. But to what extend we can globally influence our world climate I am not so sure about, especially after reading this book I mentioned above.


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