Stress ? No, thanks !

How to Become a Relaxation Ninja: 36 Stress Relief Tips” was a great read this week from the Positivity Blog.
There is so much I agree to in this blog – except that I wouldn’t put “Get off coffee” on rank 3 of the tips how to avoid stress.
Anyway, I believe stress is the most severe contributor to sickness. Our body can deal amazingly well with all kinds of sickness, but once you are under permanent stress you get weak and sickness wins. A hiking guide on Tenerife once told me the same while I was there for a one week hiking vacation: “Stress makes sick”. Very simple but true statement.
Let me point of those tips I am mostly convinced about:

  • 1. Stay present. Don’t look back for too long and if you do do it to learn, not to feel guilty or finger-point. And don’t speculate about the future. Most of your speculations will be wrong. And don’t make too many assumptions.
  • 4. Prioritize, simplify and get organized. That really helps. My prioritization rule is more a first-come-first-served rule, but anyway, I have a rule. Keep your desk empty – and your in-box.
  • 5. Take everything less seriously. This is hard to learn, It is more a question around what personality you are and you might find it difficult to change it. I am good in this, may be probably I have seen too many projects during my career which looked so important and urgent at the beginning and later on disappeared without anyone crying about it or turned out to be obsolete. And I see so many more important things around me and on this planet to take the projects I am working for not too serious.
  • 7. Just move slower. Yep, good one. Moving slower actually means moving faster. Believe me, you make less mistakes, you produce better quality when moving slow. And another hiking guide on another island ( it was on Samos in the North Aegean Sea ) had the following quote for us: “He who walks slowly walks far.”
  • 8. Exercise. Do some sports. I actually don’t like the word “Exercise” because it actually can foster stress to “exercise”. Instead pick one or two sports which are fun and exhausting at the same time, like squash for instance, one of my favorite. Get off your desk and computer and use your body, not only your brain. And learn how to think with your body.
  • 11. Go outside. Sports is one thing, but going outside to catch some sun light and fresh air is another thing. Read also: “Get Outside, Even in Cloudy Weather, For a Health Boost” on Lifehacker this week. I admit: I should do this more often, not only during the weekend.
  • 23. Eat a proper breakfast. I never start my day without a proper breakfast. We always had a hearty breakfast in my parents house when I was a kid and I always have it today, no matter how early in the morning I have to start my day. And of course this ties into rule # 27.
  • 27. Be early. Intentionally built some spare time into your schedule. Allow some extra minutes bewteen meetings. And plan time to be prepared ( rule # 26 ).
  • 32. Do just one thing at a time. Yeah, multi-tasking is bad. I always said that. See also rule # 7.
  • 36. Do what you really like to do. Or to put it in another way: think for yourself about what your priorities are: money, career, reputation, fun ? Decide – and then live your life !

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