Engineers needed ! ( EWeek 2008 started in Germany )


EWeek is coming up again here in Germany. Since three years I am participating as one of the engineers sent to several schools in our area to explain students why it is important ( for our economy ) and exciting to become an engineer and what should be considered before chosing this profession.

As I updated my presentation for this year ( only some minor updates so far with some new statistics ), I discovered some interesting facts:

  • in the year 2006 48.000 job offerings could not be filled with engineers in Germany,
  • causing a loss of 3.5 billion Euro for our economy. Other studies even mention loosing orders worth 18.5 Euro !
  • Most engineers ( 15.000 ) have been missing for research and knowledge management related services,
  • 12.500 engineers have been missing for metal processing, electrical industry and automotive,
  • machine construction ( the classical and in Germany very traditional engineering discipline ) is on rank 3 with a lack of 8.000 engineers.
  • The average yearly salary of an engineer in Germany is 58.550 Euro, this is 20.000 above the overall average  salary in Germany ( pre-tax ).

Source: bild der wissenschaft 08/2007


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