Less and less Christmas Cards

Year by year I notice that we are receiving less and less Christmas cards. Why is it that people less and less like to write letters or cards by hand ? Did we all loose the capability to write without a computer ?

My wife is usually doing a great job writing and sending out a lot of cards, and I contribute some too. Our board where we collect Christmas Cards however gets less and less populated. Did people forget how to write with a pencil on paper ?

While I believe this might become a problem for younger people I would not think that this argument holds true for the majority of our older friends and family members. When I am on holidays and have traveled somewhere I notice that I am not used to write by hand anymore when it comes to writing some postcards. My hand gets tired real quick, but after some short “training” I notice: it still works !

Nevertheless, the main reason I think why people write less and less cards is that this does not seem to be an appropriate way to communicate anymore in our fast running world in which time has become a very constricted “resource”. Writing Christmas cards requires some up-front planing and preparation: you have to buy cards and stamps and write them some days in advance, and you have to get them to a mailbox soon enough. People don’t like to do things in advance anymore and have no time for planing or writing in the hectic days before Christmas. Instead they prefer to do what I would call “on-demand-greeting” and grab the phone on Christmas day and try to call their friends and family members they want to greet – who usually are on the road during theses days to visit all their friends and family members. Being on the road does not count as an argument here – I know: we are all mobile and can have phone calls anytime everywhere.

It’s just – I just would like to receive more Christmas cards than phone calls. Because I do not want to stay at the phone all the time during Christmas days and we like to put them on our board at the wall.


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