Impressive support service

Since our 12 year old laundry dryer at home stopped working as it is supposed to work I had to call Miele Customer Service today.

I dialed their number in Frankfurt, Friedberg, and after I told my problem to the lady answering my call she started asking the first couple of technical support type of questions like “Have you tried this …”, “Have you tried that .. ?”.

That was the first time I was impressed by their service. The first person I contacted was trying to solve my problem right away !

After we could not get the resolutuon ( since I alreay tried all of her recommendations ) I got transfered to real technical support staff ( she certainly was only the “welcome” lady ). Technical support folks could not be reached, so they gave me a number to call them back.

I called back, explained my problem, and within a minute they made a date when they will send a technician to my home. Right after the call I checked my calendar – which I should have done during the call obviously – and found that this date would not work.

Thus I had to call them back. They had not given me any service number so far. It was a different lady I was talking to now and she just asked for my name and city. Within a few seconds she had found the corresponding entry in her computer.

“Do you want me to create a new date for you ?”

“Yes, please”

Done ! Impressive ! No bureaucracy, no long service numbers to repeat, a quick and intelligent computer system to fix that situation. All I had to do was to mention my name and city.

If they now can fix my laundry dryer without asking for too much money I will be more than happy !

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