Phone terror

Since I am working most of my time from home I realize how many spam phone calls we are getting. Well, not that many, but I guess almost one per day. Most of them actually start with a computer talking to me.
“Congratulations. You have won …”
Latest at that point I have hung up already.
Or the call starts: “You have ended up in our waiting queue …”. Come on, how silly is that ? Some stupid machine calls me to tell me I am in a waiting loop ? I didn’t call, they called me !

They are getting smarter meanwhile.
“Hello, my name is Barbara Mayer …”. I already hung up because I realized it is still a computer voice and by adding some name to what the machine tries to tell me the message does not really get personal nor important.

Today during my lunch break there was another phone call. This time a real lady from one company who call quiet often to contact my wife. It’s always a different lady of course – but the same company. Its actually the company which once tried to sell me an internet connection without ever delivering anything. They simply waste my time !

“Can I talk to Alexandra Magard, please ?”
I right away started ( and was surprised about how aggressive I was getting ): “I told you a hundred times already that my wife is not at home at this time.”
“Can you talk to me in a normal way ?”, she replied. “I am talking to you the first time.”
“That might be true”, I said. “And it’s not your personal fault, but I told your company already a hundred times that my wife is not at home weekdays during noon time. Please simply pass it on.”
“OK, I will”. End of phone call.

I started wondering why I have been so aggressive.  It is actually no wonder taking into account all these time wasting spam and sales phone calls I am getting.

I also noticed that obviously this company does not manage to acquire, store and  share with all its selling people this little piece of information: the time frame during which they can not reach my wife at home. This is a little example how a little failure in proper knowledge management can make a customer unhappy. ( Well, I am not really their customer, my wife is, but I think you get the point ).

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